Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Well, we did it - the back room is completely cleared out and ready for the asbestos tiles to be removed on Tuesday.
Back room of the museum. The wall between the two offices the wall 
between the offices and the main room have been removed

Because the space near the windows that was the offices had already had the tiles removed in past years, we were able to put some of the larger and more delicate things (like open jackets of dinosaur bones) there rather than move them into the exhibit space. That area will be isolated with plastic during the abatement. 

This space will be split in half by a wall, with the half towards the windows being converted to a small exhibit hall for traveling exhibits. The back half will become a viewable fossil preparation lab!

And, demolition started in the main exhibit space! The south staircase is going to be completely rebuilt to comply with modern building codes, so of course the old staircase was to be removed first:

South staircase, starting demolition

They also started taking out the upper parts of what will become an exhibit on the ecosystems of the Cretaceous. A floor-to-ceiling mural of Wyoming during the Cretaceous Period is planned for the back wall of this space, so the upper wood veneer is being removed. 

Future Cretaceous exhibit

That's it until Tuesday! The last part of asbestos abatement should be completed by Wednesday afternoon, and then we can get started on finishing the floor in the back room and then building the dividing wall! We will also start the detailed part of planning some of the exhibits which is very exciting!

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