Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

Well, things are slowing down in the renovations. The demolition part of things is pretty much done, and the lights are down in the main exhibit space:

The fiberglass models of T. rex and Allosaurus have now gone to a new home at the Tate Museum in Casper, since we just won't have room for them in the new museum design. So, J-P Cavigelli from the Tate came down with a student and picked up the models to take them to their new home.

They fit just fine in the Tate's Suburban, which was a little disappointing because we didn't get to strap them to the roof and drive down the highway...

One exciting thing that's been finished is the floor in what will soon be our new prep lab. 

The floor used to be covered with the old asbestos tiles. Once those were removed, the mastic was ground off and the original cement floor was exposed. Then the concrete was densified, creating a glossy surface that is very durable and won't need any polishing. Very cool!!


  1. could I use the two dino pics in a post I'm going to do about the geo museum renovation? (with credit of course ... who took them?)


  2. Sure, Hollis, no problem! I took them all (Kelli Trujillo)

    I will be updating here at the end of the week with a brand-new amazing exhibit with our T rex and Triceratops skulls mounted in front of a big mural, and on Tuesday next week we get to turn on the new lights finally so I can get some decent pics. So, if you want to wait a few days, there will be better pictures! =)


    1. very cool! it's not terribly imminent anyway ... something I work on in my free time :)

      thanks Kelli!

  3. Post is up ... I really wanted to use that pic of T-rex in the Suburban!! Thanks again. And there will be more I'm sure.