Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Well, things are progressing in the museum slowly as we wait for the bidding process to be done and the electrical, plumbing, etc. subcontractors to come on board. We have been working on more ideas for the exhibits, and trying to plan for the flurry of activity that will come once the upstairs is done and we can move the exhibits that are stored in a classroom back into the museum in time for classes to start!

The new wall in the back room is in the process of being framed in to separate the future prep lab from the future traveling exhibit space:

Front of viewable prep lab, with windows and door in the middle.

View from inside future prep lab.

The large boxes you see are covering open jackets of dinosaur bones that are partially finished and were just to fragile and too big to move out of the back room. So, our thoughtful construction folks made mini-boxosauruses to protect these specimens during construction! 

The future Cretaceous exhibit space is coming together, wall studs across the back where a large mural
will be placed:

I will have more updates soon!!

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