Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's a hole in the wall!

We got the go-ahead to proceed with taking out the old windows and part of the exterior wall in what is now the Traveling Exhibit space:

Hole in exterior wall of new Traveling Exhibit space.

This hole will be filled with a door and windows that will allow us to access the area behind Doc Knight's copper T. rex statue, which will be turned into a "T. rex Patio" space! For now it will be "bare bones" (so to speak) patio, with just pavers on gravel, but we hope to do an all-out landscaping project involving the patio area, the front of the Geological Survey building next door, and the area in front of the museum in the next few years as funds are raised. We've been working with a landscape designer who has drawn up plans for a very cool outside space with exhibits on the ancient rocks of Wyoming and geologic time, as well as an informal outside "classroom" area where we can work with schoolkids and other visitors on special projects and programs.

Other things going on:

The floor in the main exhibit space has been finished! The asbestos tiles were removed back in May, and now the old mastic was ground off and the concrete was polished and densified. So, we now have a gorgeous polished concrete floor that will never need waxing or finishing of any kind!  It's very nice:
New polished concrete floor (green center is artifact of camera)

This will be the floor surface around the center island, and also in the prep lab. The Traveling Exhibit space, the entire upstairs balcony, and each of the alcove spaces will have carpet squares:

New carpet for the alcoves, upstairs, and Traveling Exhibit

And, the electrical panels are being put in!

Voltech Electric putting in the new panels!

These are brand-new panels that will control all the electrical thingies in the whole museum. The lighting will be controlled by a separate panel, and we will no longer turn the lights off and on by flipping the breaker switches like we used to!

So, check back soon as things are starting to happen fast and furious around here!!

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